Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu Oil has been used for many years
as a natural remedy for:

  • arthritis & muscle joint pain
  • growing pains
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • healing wound
  • rashes
  • reduces scaring
  • shingles
  • sun burns

Why Use Emu Oil

Emu Oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are delivered through our diet or absorbed through the skin.  We do not produce these fats ourselves.  Our bodies require these good fats to efficiently control normal cell functioning.  Without these fatty acids we suffer inflammation and poor healing.

Emu Oil also naturally contains Vitamin E (an antioxidant encouraging healing), Vitamin A (another antioxidant that helps to repair skin), Linoleic acid (to ease muscle and joint pain), Oleic acid (to rejuvenate skin and works to help control wrinkles), Sapogens (acts to soften skin)  and terpine (an antsptic).

Emu Oil penetrates through the skin delivering the natural attributes of the oil as well as  carrying of other helpful ingredients.

Because it works by:

  • Penetrating into the skin and as a trans-dermal carrier of active ingredients into the lower layers of skin and muscles
  • Non-irritating for the most sensitive of skin and allergies of many kinds
  • Deeply moisturizing reducing itchy, flaky skin while protecting skin from wind and weather
  • Blends oils and water together
  • Softens wrinkles
  • Non pore clogging – will not  produce acne
  • Heals wounds – burns, scar tissue
  • Natural Ant-inflammatory for arthritis, joint/muscle aches & pains
  • Anti-bacterial

Origin of Emu Oil

Emu Oil is produced from the fat of the emu. This fat is found under their skin in a thick layer.  Emus are natural to Australia’s outback and still roam there today. They are members of the Ratite family of flightless, red meat birds which include  Ostriches and Rheas. The Australian Aboriginal people used emu oil for its healing properties and would often lay the hide with fat on their warrior to help heal the wounds.