Emu Crafts

Beautiful Things Crafted from Eggs and

The emu is a magnificent bird covered in grayish/black feathers. They are the only bird to have two feathers joined by one quill. They also produce a dark green egg that is approximately 4 to 5 inches long.

At Triple A Farm, we hand craft jewelry and objects d’art using both emu egg shell and feathers.  The eggs are hand painted and carved.  Emu feathers are used to create useful and decorative feather dusters and collages.

Custom orders of decorative emu eggs, collages and jewelry are available by sending photos or ideas to our e-mail address; emuandyou@ripnet.com.  Each commissioned piece is individually priced. You can pick up your orders at the Carp Farmers’ Market, Heather’s Studio or they are sent by mail.

We sell Emu Crafts at the Carp Farmers’ Market, Heather’s Studio and other locations.