Emu are very rewarding to raise. A breeding pair produces between 20 and 50 offspring each year, most of whom survive. Basically, if after two weeks of hatching an emu chick has strong legs, it will mature into a healthy adult.

We keep breeding pairs in a barn apart from the chicks. Our research shows that the males, who are the nurturers, will lose interest in their mates if chicks are present. Plus, it’s important to keep the pairs quiet during the breeding season. The pairs each have their own pens , where we feed them a natural breeder/layer ration during the 6 month breeding season. For the rest of the year, we release the birds into two 20′ x 80′ runs lined with 6′ fences and feed them a natural maintenance feed.

At Triple A Farm, we raise the emu chicks in a 30′ x 60′ coverall building with four 30′ x 70′ runs outside. An economical shelter, coverall buildings consist of an insulated canvas stretched over steel tube frames. Here, the chicks have the choice of being inside and outside, and get lots of opportunity to exercise. However, during icy winter days, we keep them inside to protect them from injury.

Originally from Australia, emus are a flightless bird belonging to the Ratite family. They are docile, curious and non-aggressive toward people. At maturity, they weigh 130 pounds and stand 5-6′ tall.

We feed our emu chicks a special feed that has been prepared specially for us. It consists of 18-20% protein pellet mixed with crushed corn, wheat and soya bean.

At Triple A Farm, we feed all our livestock with natural feed. We add no hormones. As a small farm operation, we care about the quality of food we place on our table, and those of our customers.

Presently, Triple A Farm maintains six breeding pairs and approximately 50 growing emus. It takes 2 years before an emu is mature enough to breed and 18 to 24 months before it is ready for processing.

We also have facilities for custom hatching and boarding. For more information on purchasing emu livestock please use the contact form.

At Triple A Farm, we process our emu for meat and oil at 18 to 24 months of age. These chicks weigh approximately 130 pounds, and each emu yields 25 to 35 pounds of meat. We also render 10 pounds of fat from each bird, which is refined into emu oil. We use the hide, feathers and nails in our craft products, as well as the shell of any infertile eggs.